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Becca's Mango Margarita

Photo by Hedwig Storch

Becca's Mango Margarita

Published: 06/13/2011 by Janet

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Lately, we have been inundated with mangos.   It is well known among my friends that I love (make that adore) mangos.  This is a good thing, because the first rule of mangos is never buy a grocery store mango.  They are flavorless and generally pretty awful.  It's no wonder many people think they don't like mangos.  If you have ever had a locally grown mango supplied by a generous neighbor, you certainly will change your tune unless you are a fruit-hater or something.  Occasionally my mango suppliers are coincidentally generous all at once, and I scramble for ways to use them up.   Mango smoothies, mango bread, mango salsa.  If I had an ice cream maker, I would give this 5-star mango ice cream recipe a try:


The other day, my daughter (yes, she is over 21) invented a yummy version of a Mango Margarita that I want to share.  It's not too sweet, and nice and light.  It’s a rocks Margarita, only because the bowl of our blender is broken, and we cut the salt on the rim of the glass with mint so that our hands and feet don’t swell up too much!  I think next time we might try basil on the rims instead of the mint!


Mango puree

2 mangos (about 1 ½ lbs) peeled and pit removed

¼ cup of sugar

1 tablespoon lime juice


Whiz all together in blender or food processer until smooth.   Chill in the fridge.  The puree can be processed and frozen in small batches, or in ice cube trays, and used later when mango season is over. 


For the Margarita:

Wash and thoroughly dry a small handful of mint leaves.  Chop finely.  Add an equal amount of kosher salt, and put on a plate.  Use a large glass (this makes a big drink).  Moisten the rim of your glass with lime, and dip into the plate. 


Fill the glass with ice.  Add to the glass 2 oz. of the mango puree, 2 oz. of gold tequila, and top off the glass with Fresca (a tart citrus-y diet soda).


We paired our Mango Margarita with BBQ Chicken & onion quesadillas (I am going to post that recipe too).  Perfect summer meal.