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March 8th: It's International Women's Day

Two future women.

March 8th: It's International Women's Day

Published: 03/08/2011 by Janet

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What do women REALLY want?  How about flowers, gifts and equal pay for equal work? That would be a good place to start.

Today is International Women's Day, or IWD, a major day of global celebration recognizing the economic, political and social achievements of women. I hesitate to mention that the holiday originated in the former Soviet Bloc countries because some of you are still hung up on the old "Evil Empire" thing.  It's ironic that Ronald Reagan first used the term "Evil Empire" on this date in 1983.  

I don't know why we don't celebrate IWD here in the U.S.  Maybe because we wouldn't want our women to think they could become say, President or something crazy like that?  IWD is observed in some countries by men giving women in their lives flowers and small gifts.  In other countries the day has a political and human rights theme and attempts to raise awareness of the struggles of women worldwide.  If you want further information on IWD, check out:

In other interesting Holidaily News, on this date in 1144, Pope Celestine II died in battle.  In battle??  Boy, they REALLY don't make Popes like they used to.

Also, on this date in 1930 former President and Supreme Court Chief Justice William Howard Taft died.  Officially the cause of death was heart failure, but we heard a rumor that he was eaten by wolves, and that he was delicious (nod to Dana Carvey).

Today, if you have a daughter in your life, make sure to tell her that she can become President, Chief Justice, or anything to which she aspires, except probably Pope.  I don't see that one changing anytime soon.