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Capt. Sunny's Fishing Report

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Captain Sunny’s Way Overdue Fishing Report

Well, I guess you all thought that the old Capt. had gone to Davey Jones Locker or went the way of the other Davey Jones (Monkees). Not So!!!!! I am still kicking and fishing, just not reporting.

More on Slippery Swords

Published: 10/14/2010 by Capt. Sunny in Capt. Sunny's Fishing Report

More on Slippery Swords

Ahoy, fellow anglers! Some of the local guys told us that the swordfish were starting to bite, so we went swordfishing on Friday, Oct. 1st and once again had a great night of fishing and almost catching. We got three bites and two hookups over the fi

Swords & Snook

Once again Capt. Sunny is slow with his reports. Sorry!!!!!! Too much work and no home computer (crashed-OUCH). Alright, no more whining! Too much work has not kept Capt. Sunny off the water. We went swordfishing on Friday, Sept. 10th and once again

Too much work and not enough time for fishing and reporting!

Capt. Sunny has been on the water 3 times since the last report. On Friday, August 20th (evening/night) we went well offshore to get ready to do some night time swordfishing. We were out early enough to troll for about 2 hours before we had to set up for

Capt. Sunny's Inaugural Fishing Report

Capt. Sunny did not get out on local waters this week but the report from the local guys is that there has been a varied bite. Inshore Kingfish have been the sure bet with some sailfish also being caught. The most economical way to catch fish is to

Found 5 records